Micro Transactions and Free to Play

Lets talk micro transactions and free to play.  Now I love the idea behind micro transactions and they are slowly becoming the “thing” for games today, but there is a very fine line to it.  There was a report a few weeks ago about monthly MMO subs slowly declining and keep going down, while micro transactions made 1.7billion in profits.  I would honestly still be playing World of Warcraft if it was free to play with a micro transaction model to support it.  I know its only “$15” a month to play WoW, but I feel like I have to spend my spare time playing WoW to justify that cost.  I am a perfect example of “Gamer ADD” I get bored quick, not because the game is bad or anything.  I just lose interest doing the same thing usually over and over, or I get left behind by my friends or I go too hardcore and burn out.  The point is I try to juggle a few games at a time just to keep things fresh, and I really can’t justify spending 3x $15 a month of games I will only play a few times a week.  That is where free to play comes in, its a great system that allows me to pickup whatever whenever I want to and not feel like I have to devote my free time to it cause I’m sinking money into it.


League of Legends is probably the best example of how the Free to Play model and micro transactions should work.  You have in-game currency and real money currency.  You don’t ever have to spend real money to ever be competitive it just takes more time with in-game currency, and the people spending real money aren’t getting any sort of advantage over me.  Hellgate Global does the micro transaction market well too.  You basically have to spend $4 on an item to unlock the rest of the game past a certain area, but that item can also be bought with in-game currency from other players.  It gives you the option to not spend a dime, but its just costing you more time, and no other player has a real significant advantage over you if they spent money.  Age of Empires Online is probably the worst model right now.  The game is basically a demo unless you “unlock” your empire you selected, and I don’t know why the pricing model was this way, but its something like 1320 Microsoft Points because the game uses Games for Windows Live, but you can only buy MS points in increments of 500, so you have to buy 1500 MS points, and players that have bought their empire have a real advantage over the players who don’t.  Age of Empires Online has a “unlock everything for the first season + 6 months” or something like that which is 7200 MS points, which is about $90.


I think the Free to Play model and micro transactions are the right direction, but it just has to be done right.  Don’t force me to spend money to be competitive with other players, or spend money to have to play the full game.  If this is the case allow me to unlock things with in-game currency, but you are basically splitting your player base with people who bought X and people who didn’t buy X. I know some people that have dropped over $300 into League of Legends, but they don’t have any real advantage over the player whose spent $0, and that is the balance games should be looking for, and still maintaining profits.  Diablo 3 will be free to play with a option to spend real money in the auction house, that doesn’t bother me because I can still obtain any item they are selling normally without having to dump money into it.  The argument comes down to disposable income vs time.  I like where the model is going now, and I hope it continues this way, allow me to enjoy your game without the need to drop $60 + a monthly subscription.  I have no problem spending money on micro transactions if I’m really liking the game and going to be playing for awhile, but it needs to be a reasonable cost on whatever is being sold.


I started playing Vindictus, and so far its pretty amazing. Heres a video of me clearing a dungeon solo. I will do a write up soon…

Switch it to 480p too.

Dungeons and Dragons Online

I haven’t completely abandoned the website yet, and so for the start of the new year I am going with something I have never played before.

I just started this up last weekend and so far its been decent, especially for being free. I will have a video posted sometime soonish or something…


Holiday Break

With my Final Fantasy career ending so quickly, and the holidays coming really soon.  I will be taking a break till the new year, with the Steam sale and other crap thats selling for basically free I will have something picked out.  Age of Conan is free till level 20, and I’ve heard the game has done a complete 180, but only till level 20.   Warhammer Online is free for tier1, and as much as I love Warhammer Online there is something about it that just burns me out and makes me not want to play.  Then there is Sony, well pretty much every Sony MMO is garbage and well its always fun to remember the good times of Everquest.  I always have to keep telling myself that it is not the same anymore.  Or you could suggest something for me to waste money on and document so you don’t have to.

That was unexpected

Well I guess I deserve this, but I cancelled my subscription to FFXI, because I didn’t want to get auto-renewed and have to pay for another month.  I guess when you cancel thats it, you don’t get the rest of your month.  So I could pay Square $12 or whatever for a month more, but really the game is bad and I was going to kill myself before the end of the month.  Pretty much the game is not noob friendly at all, and unless you are already playing with/have people to play with you are fucked for this game.  I imagine I could have put forth a better effort to talk to people, but I saw a total of 4 people and they spoke in moonspeak.  I can probably re-visit FFXI at a later date, but for now I’ll just say its still garbage.

Now I know this isn’t a fair assessment but for new people getting into it, they would be more screwed than I was, and a week isn’t a lot of time, but how is someone supposed to be encouraged to keep playing?  You are better off waiting for the new Final Fantasy MMO coming out in 2010 probably.

Final Fantasy XI

I decided to start with one of the worst.  Just to test my limits and see how far I actually go.


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New direction and layout.

The old site was shit, lets leave it at that.

New plan for this.  I plan on playing a random shitty mmo for a month and try to do a bi-weekly update on how bad it still is and how I’m going to give myself an aneurysm from playing this shit, if I can manage to keep playing it for a month.