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That was unexpected

Well I guess I deserve this, but I cancelled my subscription to FFXI, because I didn’t want to get auto-renewed and have to pay for another month.  I guess when you cancel thats it, you don’t get the rest of your month.  So I could pay Square $12 or whatever for a month more, but really the game is bad and I was going to kill myself before the end of the month.  Pretty much the game is not noob friendly at all, and unless you are already playing with/have people to play with you are fucked for this game.  I imagine I could have put forth a better effort to talk to people, but I saw a total of 4 people and they spoke in moonspeak.  I can probably re-visit FFXI at a later date, but for now I’ll just say its still garbage.

Now I know this isn’t a fair assessment but for new people getting into it, they would be more screwed than I was, and a week isn’t a lot of time, but how is someone supposed to be encouraged to keep playing?  You are better off waiting for the new Final Fantasy MMO coming out in 2010 probably.

Final Fantasy XI

I decided to start with one of the worst.  Just to test my limits and see how far I actually go.


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